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“Orange & Blue Harbour” - Josh Sim Original

Artist Statement: Josh Sim

Growing up amidst the captivating beauty of St. Ives in Cornwall, I have been deeply influenced by the rugged coastline, vibrant Harbours, and rich artistic heritage of this coastal town. My artistic journey is a reflection of my intimate connection to this unique environment, as well as the legacy of creativity passed down through generations.

Inspired by the sights, sounds, and sensations of coastal life, my artwork explores the dynamic interplay of colour, form, and texture found along the Cornish coastline. Drawing upon my experiences as a volunteer on the St. Ives and Penlee lifeboats, I seek to capture the essence of the sea – its ever-changing moods, its raw power, and its timeless tranquil beauty.

As a mixed media Artist, I delight in experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques to convey the essence of the coastal + landscape. From bold brushstrokes to intricate textures, each element of my work is carefully chosen to evoke the rich tapestry of sights and sensations found along the shores of Cornwall.

But my artistic inspiration goes beyond the physical landscape; it is also rooted in the rich artistic heritage of St. Ives. As the grandson of the founder of Troika Pottery, I have been deeply influenced by the legacy of creativity and craftsmanship that permeates this town.


"Josh Sim is a force of nature, his zest for life being evident in the colour loaded gestural paintings of his homeland.  A man of unusual disposition combining strength of character, work ethic, and charm, Josh epitomises 'the triumph of positive attitude', the essence of which is within both the intention and fabric of his paintings.

Intrinsic to his depictions of sea and horizon' is his capturing of a visceral energy to do with a first hand knowledge that only Josh, a valued previous member of the Penlee lifeboat crew could hope to achieve. An artist of many layers, some of which are based on his fascinating off-kilter art family legacy (Troika Pottery). Josh is a creatively independent spirit - it is in his blood". (Linda Styles)



Collections and exhibitions:


The Mowzer Gallery

Netflix 'Stay Close'

Webb's Gallery London

Out Of The Blue (Marazion)

The Exchange Gallery Penzance

Newlyn Art Gallery

St Ives Society of artists

Penlee House Gallery & Museum

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