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Debbie Lord was born and raised in Scotland as a child, but found herself wanting to explore as she matured. To satisfy this need for new horizons, she moved to London to study in higher education, which is where she subsequently met my husband. Going on a short holiday to Cornwall, she fell in love with the golden sandy beaches, the plush hedgerows so vibrant and diverse in colour, the salty breeze of the quaint fishing towns was an idyllic environment to bring up my family. Chasing this dream Debbie moved to the South West of Cornwall in 1996 and never looked back. She believes that her artwork conveys her deep rooted love of Cornwall's calm paced lifestyle and breathtaking scenery. Using the beautiful coastal path walks as her greatest form of inspiration, she translates these images by using bold colour and simplistic shapes to express the unique tranquility of  Cornish life that she fell in love with those many years ago. Scotland remains a nostalgic love affair in her heart; her extended family still living there, Scottish themes are also present throughout her work. Sharing her experiences of Cornwall though the medium of glass painting has been such an expressive, therapeutic process for her and she is constantly looking to expand her creative abilities through different materials, which is why her inventory also includes oil paintings and jewellery which both reflect my passion for the beautiful place that she lives. she creates depictions of places that fill her with happiness in the hopes that her artwork can evoke the same feeling in others; either as memento of a special place, or simply as a colourful escape on a rainy day.

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