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Josh Sim's Organic Pebble Collection

Discover Josh Sim's mesmerizing Organic Pebble Collection, where art and nature converge in a series of stunning prints.

Originally crafted as mixed media on Aluminium panels, each piece features unique, irregular shapes that float effortlessly from the wall. These high-quality prints, maintaining the distinctive contours of the originals, are meticulously reproduced on archival paper to ensure enduring beauty and vibrancy.

Available mounted or framed, each print captures the essence of Josh's innovative approach, blending organic forms with a captivating interplay of colours and textures.


Signed print mounted in "Natural White" acid free board with 2.5" boarder. 


Mounted Size 16'/16"


We offer a framed option, ready to hang behind glass finished in White.

Total Size 17"/17"

"Mousehole Harbour"

Frame Option

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